• Thomas E. Walden, MD - Psychiatrist
  • Philip W. Brown, PhD - Clinical Psychologist
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Our Team
Annette Walden

Annette has served as the office manager for Dr. Walden at various locations since 1995.  She handles the general office management including general operations, policy, human resources, and community outreach/involvement.  Annette spends her time off with her family and is involved in various hobbies.

Audrey C. Sadler, RN

Audrey started working with us in July of 2022. She graduated from UAMS as an RN and brings a variety of nursing experience with her to our clinic. Audrey worked as a Charge Nurse at Baxter Regional Medical Center Pain Clinic, an RN at Baxter Regional Medical Endoscopy Clinic, and on the UAMS oncology unit as an RN and Patient Care Technician.  She attended Hendrix College, where she also worked as a Student Services Assistant. Audrey is an excellent addition to our clinic with her professional manner, strong clinical judgement, dependability, and deft ability to handle many different situations.