• Thomas E. Walden, MD - Psychiatrist
  • Philip W. Brown, PhD - Clinical Psychologist
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Thomas E. Walden, MD

Dr. Walden has practiced psychiatry since 1992.  He graduated from The University of Mississippi School of Medicine in Jackson, MS, in 1988.  He completed his residency in psychiatry at East Carolina School of Medicine in Greenville, NC, in 1992.  He has over 26 years of experience practicing psychiatry in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.  Dr. Walden's goal is to provide effective treatment at the lowest cost to the patient. 

Dr. Walden is married with three children. He enjoys hiking in the Ozarks and contributed many of the photos on this site.  He and Dr. Brown maintain a stretch of the Ozark Highlands Trail, clearing it after storms and keeping it accessible to all hikers. Dr. Walden also enjoys time with his family, playing music, growing hot peppers, and riding his motorcycle.

Philip W. Brown, PhD

Philip Brown earned his PhD in counseling psychology at the University of Oklahoma in December, 1997.  He attended the University of Kansas for his Master's degree and received his Bachelor's degree from Black Hills State College.  He has practiced as a clinical psychologist in a variety of settings including outpatient clinics, inpatient wards, outdoor therapeutic programs, and crisis centers.  He currently sees patients at Mountain Home Psychiatric Medicine and at PsychHikes in Harrison, Arkansas. 

Dr. Brown is an avid hiker. He has hiked all over the country and currently maintains a stretch of the Ozark Highlands Trail with Dr. Walden, serves on committees with the OHT, and leads group hikes. He is married and lives in Harrison, AR.